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Your Journey to Healing and Transformation

Welcome to a place where the power of the human mind and the mysteries of the spiritual world come together for healing and transformation.

I'm Sandra and my path into the world of hypnotherapy and spirituality is a story of fascination, personal growth, and profound change.

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From a young age, I've been deeply intrigued by the remarkable capabilities of the human brain. I've always believed in its potential for healing, and this belief has been the driving force behind my journey. Exploring the mind's extraordinary abilities to bring about healing and positive change has been a lifelong passion.


Sometimes, life takes unexpected turns, and a profound shift can be set in motion by personal experiences. When my father passed away, it opened a new chapter in my life, one that led me to explore the spiritual world. This journey brought me a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of life and the quest for meaning.


As I embarked on this transformative journey, I found that hypnotherapy and spirituality were the natural outlets for my passion and purpose. The power of the subconscious mind, harnessed through hypnotherapy, fascinated me. It was here that I discovered the healing potential I had always believed in. In this exploration, I decided to also delve into the intriguing world of past life regression.


My commitment to learning and growth led me to study clinical hypnotherapy under the mentorship of the internationally renowned Australian hypnotherapist, Rick Collingwood. His guidance deepened my understanding of hypnotherapy and allowed me to refine my skills for the benefit of those seeking healing and personal transformation. However, it was during this time that I discovered my fascination with past life regression.

It wasn't until I discovered Séverine Barbier's Transpersonal Hypnosis® training that my passion truly ignited. Séverine Barbier is a highly respected figure in the field, and her approach to hypnosis resonated deeply with me.

Now, as a certified practitioner of Transpersonal Hypnosis®, past life regression, and soul regression therapy, I am dedicated to helping others unlock their inner potential, heal past traumas, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


My mission is to help you harness the incredible capabilities of your mind for healing, personal growth, and spiritual exploration. Through my practice, I aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for you to embark on your own transformative journey. Whether you seek to overcome challenges, find answers from within, or simply enhance your well-being, I'm here to guide you.

Thank you for considering me as your partner on this journey to healing and self-discovery. Together, we'll unlock the potential of your mind and explore the boundless dimensions of the human spirit.

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