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Embark on a transformative journey in Transpersonal Hypnosis®. Explore the corridors of time to gain profound insights into the experiences shaping your current existence. In a compassionate and intuitive space, uncover the wisdom of your past lives, facilitating deep healing and empowering your present path.

Sandra Garcia
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What is Transpersonal Hypnosis®?

Transpersonal Hypnosis®, also referred to as past life or soul regression or spiritual hypnosis, is a specialised approach that goes far beyond simple regression into current life or exploration of past lives. Unlike conventional hypnosis, which focuses on individual aspects of a person, Transpersonal Hypnosis® offers a path to deep reconnection with your essence, beyond ordinary consciousness. By using the altered state of consciousness induced by hypnosis, this method allows access to information and experiences that may be buried in the unconscious, including past lives, repressed memories, and spiritual connections.

What happens during Transpersonal Hypnosis®?

During a session of Transpersonal Hypnosis®, we can also explore other incarnations, make contact with your spiritual guides or departed loved ones, thereby adding an enriching dimension to your experience.

Beyond mere regression through time, this approach enables communication with our Higher Consciousness, or our Higher Self, the most evolved and wise part of ourselves. This Higher Consciousness holds the wisdom to provide you with the appropriate answers to your questions and, if necessary, to perform energetic healing and release of memories or attachments.

This practice proves particularly effective for those seeking lasting changes in their daily lives, helping them better understand their life path and fostering a spiritual reconnection that assists them in comprehending their place in the universe with more clarity and serenity.

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Sandra Garcia

Hi, I'm Sandra

Welcome to my soulful space! I'm Sandra, a compassionate spiritual hypnotherapist dedicated to your holistic well-being. Trained in the art of spiritual hypnotherapy, I create a sacred environment for you to explore past lives, unravel mysteries, and embark on a healing journey. Let's navigate together toward spiritual growth, emotional resilience, and balance for a more enlightened existence.

“At the center of your being
you have the answer;
you know who you are
and you know what you want.”
― Lao Tzu

Client' lives I have changed

"Sandra is a calming and warm person who made me feel very at ease and safe. Due to this, I found it easy to enter a vulnerable and open state, necessary for the session. Sandra is very thorough and explained the session in detail, answering any questions, before beginning the process. Before beginning we also discussed potential areas of issue or concern, and she navigated this very respectfully and professionally. I found the session to flow very naturally, with one core theme becoming apparent across the session. This was both very relieving for me emotionally, and reassuring spiritually. I left the session feeling lighter and more in tune with my truth, journey, and my next steps. Thank you Sandra for this beautiful experience!"


Ready to unlock the past

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